* We are both programmers,
* so I write some code to you.
// At the beginning,
Boy i = new Boy("Fangming");
Girl u = new Girl("Shanshan");
// Month ago I heard of you, and gradually learnt about you.
// Earlier July, I met you in the airport.
// We were strangers, but like old friends.
// We got closer in Wechat, and real life.
while (timeGoesBy) {
distanceBetween(u, i).decrease();
// I'm gentle and thoughtful, and you are always a sweet girl.
i.gentle() = i.thoughtful() = true;
u.cute() = u.sweet() = true;
// Days passed by and I felt wonderful when spending time with you.
// It's hard to find a perfect fit like us, so I choose to cherish.
// Now I have made a decision, to turn this into a relationship, love.
// Would the girl like to be the boy's girlfriend?
boolean accept? = i.ask(u).toBeMyGirlfriend();
accept? = true;
Shanshan, I have fallen in love with you for click me if accept me
Love u forever and ever.
- Fangming